Speaking Michelangelo

Speaking Michelangelo

nedeľa 27. novembra 2011

The Best Way To Learn

This is my first text on my new blog, so a few words about me should be mentioned. I'm a teacher of foreign languages who likes to draw pictures in his free-time. At the moment I'm learning a few new languages and my greatest love is Italian. Additionally, I attend an art class, to come back to drawing which used to be my love when I was a child and teenager... I teach and learn new things every day. Just like many other people, of course, but since I am a teacher too, many people keep asking me the same question: "What's the best way to learn a foreign language?''
Well, those of you who have ever tried to learn a foreign language seriously, OR better, have ever tried to learn ANYTHING seriously, I mean, not just: ''Show me how me how and I'll do it!'', those will surely agree, that the most important prerequisite is STRONG WILL.
This may sound like a phrase. But it's not. Besides, I think there is no difference between learning a foreign language, cooking or drawing riding a mountain bike. Really! Just think about it:
There have been, are and always will be people who have excellent talent for something. I know many talented people personally. Also, there are people like myself who have discovered a bit of talent for a few things deep inside too. I know that my friends would disagree. They love my work and my works too and are always so sweet to post a compliment or two... (Thank you, guys!) But...
Everyday I come across people who have perfect memory for new words and phrases, good pronunciation from the very first lesson of a foreign language, or just lay the pencil lines or brush strokes so neatly next to each other, that their works leave me breathless... They are great inspiration for me. I was born with some talents (thanks mum and dad.), but I really have to work hard just to be at least half as good as they are... I must compensate what I lack with diligence. That's true.
Don't take me wrong. I'm not complaining. I really am proud of what I have achieved so far. I know it's not much though. I'm proud, because I know how many times I had to say the sentence aloud to remember it. How many times I had to start that picture anew, use the rubber and correct it, so that it looks the way it does...
I do not envy those talented ones. It only leaves me sad, when I see they do not develop their talent. Sometimes I feel I getting closer to them, but I know I would never have the chance if they worked only half as hard as me...
Well, think about it, when you sometimes see my pictures somewhere, see me teach, talk to you or do some sports... Discover the will in you, follow your heart and don't be angry just because somebody is better than you. Let me tell you in my stories that nothing is impossible if you really want it.

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  1. this speaks right from my heart! I started with Italian two months ago and when I thought my relationship with language is just one big disaster (French for 7 years, ability to speak - literally none), I discovered I am really determined and fascinated by Italian...and that I am actually happy while studying it. Looking forward to next posts! :)