Speaking Michelangelo

Speaking Michelangelo

sobota 11. februára 2012


Having an idol is great. It's inspiration, objective and an important motivation tool. Of course, it's also healthy to want to exceed it and become better, unique, appreciated...
Here are only some of my idols...

Whenever I turn the book pages, I feel the urge inside to take a pencil and paper and start drawing...
Anyway, when it comes to idols, it doesn't really matter what you do. Drawing, sport, music, fashion or languages. When studying foreign languages, my idol is every educated native speaker... How can you do it in your country? Well, I mostly buy CDs and listen... the easiest... :-)

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  1. true. many people refuse to have idols because they think an idol is someone who you copy. no, idol is someone who inspires you to become better at what you love.